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Swimming pools are gorgeous, but they can also be quite dangerous if they are not equipped with proper fencing. Pool fencing is essential for your swimming pool; it allows it to remain as a safe facility for everyone to use. However, pool fences often seem unattractive to many people who hope for a pleasant-looking pool area.

Different Pool Fencing Strategies to Make Your Pool Safe and Attractive

Take a look at some pool fencing strategies and ideas that will help you make your swimming safe and striking at the same time.

Pool Fencing Strategies

There are different pool fencing strategies, but three of the basic ones include perimeter fence, removable fence and interior fence. When you get a perimeter fence, you put fences around the perimeters of the backyard containing the pool. It acts as a safety measure if it fulfills the gate and height requirements as prescribed by your state’s swimming pool safety code and regulatory authorities.

A removable pool fence is a special type of fence that can be easily removed whenever you want. You can put the fencing on all the sides of the pool or all around the backyard and take them off when you wish to increase the pool space. This is a great option if you frequently host pool parties in your house. If you have children or pets, then removable fences will also work great for you. You can put them on when your kids or pets are around, or when they are using the swimming pool. As soon as your kids become sensible enough to manage themselves in the pool and protect themselves, you can remove the removable fencing. However, you will still have to take special care when your pets are near the pool area.

An interior fence is used for enclosing the swimming pool only and does not cover the entire backyard. It allows you to easily use the yard area whenever you want while keeping your swimming pool completely safe for others to use.

Pool Fencing Ideas

All the three types of pool fencing discussed above certainly make the pool a safer area, but they do not give it a very attractive look. To add the element of attractiveness, you need to revamp your pool fencing.

This can be done in several ways. You can paint the fences according to the color of your pool. This would give a monochromatic look to the pool and make it much more striking. Another good idea is to go for a contrast. If you have a blue pool, you could use silver spray paint to turn the boring beige fences into alluring silver. You can also create beautiful mosaic patterns on the fences uses bits and pieces of the leftover tiles used to line your swimming pool. This will certainly enhance the dull pool fencing and give it a more appealing and unique look.

Use these interesting pool fencing ideas for giving the fences a nice facelift that will allow you to be safe and stunning all at once.