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How to Obtain Pool Permits for Building a Swimming Pool in Your House

Prior to getting a swimming pool or spa installed in your house, you need to get a pool permit. Here’s the procedure that you need to follow in order to obtain this.

First, you need to submit an application to the Permit Application Center of your area. It must mention whether your pool will be residential or commercial. You would have to pay for the plan review and zoning review fees, and the application must also contain the plan and the safety measures that will be followed.

You will receive a notification for picking the permit if the plans are approved. According to general safety rules, it is essential to have a wall, screen enclosure, fence, or any other safety measure of at least four feet. If your plan is not approved, then you will still be notified. In that case, you can create another plan and execute the entire procedure all over again. To ensure that your plan is sanctioned, it is a good idea to create it using the help of an expert. You will also be able to save additional fees with this tactic.

For building an in-ground swimming pool, you would have to provide three copies of the pool’s plot plan. This should contain the lot size, pool size, deck area dimensions, step locations, setbacks made to the front, sides and rear, and information about pool equipment and ladders. You must also give three copies of the cross section of the pool; it should show the details of the footing, ladder, steps and deck area.

If you want to build an aboveground pool, then you need to provide three copies each of the plot plan, the manufacturer’s specification, and the deck area. The plot plan should consist of all the information as mentioned above. The manufacturer’s specification includes information about how the pool will be erected and the self-locking ladders.

Next, you should be ready to get the pool area inspected. Different inspections of the in-ground swimming pools comprise of the 101 inspection of the pool pile caps and retaining wall, the 108 inspection if you want a steel pool, the 304 inspection for the electrical bonding of the steel pool, the 109 inspection of the pool deck’s electrical bonding, the 109 inspection of the structure of the pool deck and the 119 inspection of the final pool. All these inspections are conducted using an automated system. For an aboveground pool, you would have to undergo the 119 final pool inspections.

These inspections are important as they enable the authorities to identify whether or not your house is appropriate for installing the swimming pool and whether or not the location you have designated for the pool meets the criteria set for building and installing a swimming pool.