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Things to Consider for New Pool Construction in Northern Virginia

Who doesn’t love swimming pools? They are fun, beautiful, refreshing, relaxing, and even increase the financial value of your house. All these benefits make it hard to resist the temptation of installing a swimming pool in your backyard. While it seems a great idea to have a pool in your house, you must remember to consider some important factors to ensure that you are doing it the right way.

Pool Construction Northern VirginiaPool Construction Northern Virginia

Construction Method

The first and most important thing to consider during the new pool construction is the method. The construction method depends primarily on the material you choose. There are various materials available for constructing a pool, such as fiberglass, concrete and vinyl. You need to select a material and a method that will suit your budget and requirements the most.

The basic pool construction methods include shuttered poured concrete, shot concrete or guinite construction, and concrete hollow. In the first method, the contractor excavates the pool area, adds concrete grid sheets of steel to the pool hole and then builds the pool on top. In the second option, guinite is shot using a very high-pressure gun onto the steel grid of the pool. In the third method, steel mesh is added to the pool hole and concrete is poured on top. This is the best method and gives you a durable pool. However, it is slightly more costly than the other two methods.

Pool Materials

Next, you should select the material for the pool; decide whether you want to use fiberglass, concrete or vinyl. Fiberglass pools are simpler to maintain, easier and quicker to install, come with steps, and lack an abrasive surface. However, they do not come in a wide array of designs and shapes, are slightly more costly than vinyl and concrete pools, and do not come in any size wider than 16 inches.

Vinyl liner swimming pools have a reasonable initial cost and are non-abrasive, they come in fantastic sizes and shapes that can be conveniently customized and do not foster algae. Despite these advantages, they must be handled with care, have an expensive lifetime cost, and have a low resale value.

Concrete swimming pools look beautiful, can be made into any size or shape you, have no size limit, and increase the total worth of your house. Nonetheless, they do have some cons, including higher maintenance costs and a longer installation time.

Therefore, select a material according to your budget, preferences and the time you can spare for the installation procedure.

Type of Deck

A swimming pool is incomplete without a fantastic deck to accompany it. A deck gives you space for relaxing when you are out of the pool and provides space for pool equipment. There are different types of materials available for creating beautiful decks. These include paver, stone, concrete and wood. Settle for a material that will complement your pool the most.

Considering these things before moving on the pool construction process enables you to achieve a beautiful pool.